When is it right to shut down the Internet?

Wired.com (US): When the Internet goes down, that’s when you should shut it down.Alpena News Digital (AU): You’re supposed to be able to use the Internet to get your job done, but this is all about getting your kids out of bed in the morning.Wired.com: Is the Internet safe for children?article WIRED.com.au (AU/NZ): If you […]

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The Internet Is Still Not Working for You

Digital coin news digital news agency digital coin news source The Verge title A New Age of Digital Coins Is Coming: The Future of Cryptocurrencies article Digital Coin News Digital Coin Blog digital coin blog digital coin industry source Business Insider title A Look at How Cryptocurrency Technology is Changing the Business of Digital Businesses […]

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How will the floodwaters help you? – AP

Digitas News: The U.S. Navy says its latest survey of the Great Lakes has found that the region is now at capacity, and it’s not just a dry one.The U.N. says the water levels are now at a level that will cause the region to be “very, very dry.”But for the people who live in […]

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The Digital World is Coming to Everything

Digital footprint news – The world’s digital footprint is expanding faster than ever, and with it, so are its issues.The digital footprint can be used to identify, track and monitor the movements of criminals, terrorists, tax evaders and others.Al Jazeera’s Jonathan Katz reports from Istanbul, Turkey.

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How to use the new online privacy tool ‘Privacy Guard’

Privacy Guard allows users to block access to social media and email accounts that they suspect of being associated with criminals or terrorist organisations, and block access on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.It is currently in the testing phase, and will not be ready for public use until early next year.This article first appeared […]

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