When is it right to shut down the Internet?

Wired.com (US): When the Internet goes down, that’s when you should shut it down.

Alpena News Digital (AU): You’re supposed to be able to use the Internet to get your job done, but this is all about getting your kids out of bed in the morning.

Wired.com: Is the Internet safe for children?

article WIRED.com.au (AU/NZ): If you can’t use the internet for your business, don’t put it in your kids’ hands.

The National Library of Australia.

(AAP): The National Library says children shouldn’t be expected to go online to check up on the latest news.

News.com and Media.au.

(NZ): Parents should be able do this at home.

“Parents should be allowed to take their kids outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Parents should not have to spend time at work or school when their kids are at home.”

The University of Sydney.


The School of Arts and Social Sciences.


Nsw Council.


Auckland Council.

National Parks.

Local councils and other authorities.

University of New South Wales.


State governments.

State and Territory governments.