A look at some of the biggest names in the media’s digital war

CABINET ONLINE: The CABINAL NEWS NETWORK (CNN)CNN is known for its high-quality, non-political reporting and its ability to connect with the public.

But what it’s known for is also its obsession with the entertainment industry.CNN’s digital strategy has been on fire lately.

It’s been reported the network is actively looking to expand into new areas of entertainment, including a potential movie deal with Disney.

And its chief digital officer, Eric Lichtblau, recently said he was willing to talk to Disney to help them build a digital news network.

But as a C-level executive, Lichtbruecker had to walk a fine line between wanting to make the network a “gateway” for the news and having to make sure the network doesn’t become the site of an adversarial battle with a rival.

And that means the network isn’t the only entity getting a piece of the digital pie. 

ABC News is known as a top news source for many in the entertainment and media industry.

But it’s also been accused of being too focused on the entertainment business and is also losing subscribers.

ABC’s digital platform is also seen as a more powerful tool for the entertainment company, which has been trying to lure away its news audience and its top reporters.

ABC has also reportedly hired several media experts to help run its digital strategy, including veteran media consultant Dan Karp. 

CNN has also been criticized for being too friendly with some news outlets, such as the BBC. 

But while the network’s approach is certainly different than that of many news outlets and is a departure from the traditional news business, CNN still has a long way to go to make its news platform truly compelling. 

In 2016, CNN lost more than 1 million subscribers and was hemorrhaging money, according to a report by New York Magazine.

It also took more than $500 million in advertising revenue to reach its revenue goals for 2016, according to a recent report by The New York Times.

The loss of subscribers is not a new trend for CNN.

Its subscriber losses have been increasing over time, especially during the 2016 election season, according a CNN/ORC survey.

In February, CNN CEO Jeff Zucker acknowledged that the network was “on the verge of breaking its own record.”

“We have to be much more transparent about what we’re doing,” Zucker told CNN.

“It’s not a secret.

It should be the public’s business, but I don’t know if we’re being very open about it.”