How to help a disabled veteran, and help his mum, with their wedding reception

Posted May 10, 2019 17:08:37 The couple are planning their wedding in September, with the bride being a disabled woman and the groom a veteran.

Both are expected to be able to make their own arrangements and their wedding is expected to take place in October.

Melanie and Greg are from Western Australia, but Greg has cerebral palsy and Melanie has cerebral dyslexia, both of which affect her speech.

“They’re both amazing and wonderful people, but they’ve got a couple of things that are really difficult for them to communicate with people,” Melanie said.

“We’ve just kind of worked with each other over the years to try and understand their needs and to understand how we can help them.”

Melanie said they’d been approached about a wedding at a nursing home, but her mother was “really concerned about her safety”.

“I’m very conscious of my disability and what the repercussions of having a disability might be,” she said.

After months of planning, the couple have been overwhelmed by support and have received a lot of positive feedback.

Greg is an experienced paralegal, and Melanie is a certified life coach.

They both have disabilities and have to share a bedroom.

The couple have a special bond and Melanie said she would be “so honoured” if her mother could attend.

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