How to install a VPN on a Mac with Mac App Store

The Mac App store is full of apps for everything from virtual private networks to email encryption and a VPN to help protect your privacy.

But some apps offer some additional security benefits by letting you configure them to use the built-in Apple VPN.

The most popular ones are DigitalOcean, the cloud storage service, and TunnelBear.

The former is the only one to actually work with Apple’s VPN software.

TunnelBear’s built-on Apple VPN lets you browse the internet using Apple’s built in VPN protocol.

But its a bit more complicated than that.

For the most part, you’ll just need to download an Apple VPN app that runs in the background on your Mac and set it up in your browser.

This article walks you through setting up a VPN in Safari using TunnelBear, which has a built-independently on Apple’s macOS and iOS software.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some great VPN apps, you can find more details on those below.


Install Apple VPN on Mac 2.

Download Apple VPN 3.

Download TunnelBear 4.

Setup Apple VPN in your Mac 5.

Check Apple VPN VPN app’s settings 6.

Start using Tunnelbear 7.

Install and configure Apple VPN 8.

Close Apple VPN software 9.

Log out of Apple VPN 10.

Login back in using Tunnel Bear 11.

Review your VPN settings 12.

Download the Apple VPN for Mac app and install it on your device 13.

Download a VPN app on your iPhone or iPad and use it to browse the web using Apple VPN Software 14.

Check your Apple VPN settings on your phone or iPad 15.

Configure Apple VPN using TunnelBears VPN app 16.

Install the AppleVPN for Mac software on your PC 17.

Configures the TunnelBear VPN app 18.

Configured TunnelBear app 19.

Open Apple VPN Manager and check the Apple Server Status to see if TunnelBear is working correctly.


Close TunnelBear software.