‘No, this is not a joke’: Football fans react to West Ham-Chelsea game

With West Ham, Chelsea and Liverpool already having won their respective Premier League games, the question now is whether the West Ham fans will be ready to see their side again.

West Ham, with all due respect to Liverpool and Manchester City, have the quality to beat the top four teams.

If they do that they will have achieved a great feat.

But the problem for them is that they are not favourites in their own division.

And it is difficult to see that happening again.

The top four in each division will play at least one other game, while the other six teams will play their home games against other clubs.

The biggest advantage of the top teams in each league is that there is a bigger chance of winning the Premier League and Champions League than in any other league.

So, if they can win two or three of those four competitions, they will be in a good position to win the title.

The other big advantage of a top team in each Premier League division is that the other teams will have more quality to play against them.

So if you get your game in a big game against a big team like Liverpool, for example, then you will have a chance to beat them.

The fact that they do not have that advantage is one of the reasons why I would say that this is a real problem for Chelsea, especially after the victory against Arsenal.

But I don’t think it will be the problem that many fans feel, because they can also say, “If we win the Premier Leagues and Champions Leagues we can beat West Ham.”

And the fact that the teams in the lower divisions do not really have a good chance to compete against the teams at the top is another reason why they might be disappointed.

There is a chance that they could beat Liverpool or Manchester City but they are likely to lose both.

And they will probably be favourites in the Champions League, which means that they would be unlikely to lose a game against Chelsea, if only because the other sides in the top division will be too strong.

So the bottom line is that Chelsea, Liverpool and City are all favourites for the Champions, and that is why I think they should be disappointed with the results so far.

They have played well, and I don of course think they have the qualities to win.