Why the big ad spenders are wasting time on Instagram and Snapchat stories

If you follow any of the above platforms, chances are you’ve seen someone post a selfie, and the picture or video of the person you were seeing has been shared a couple of times.

If you’re not following any of them, chances aren’t good that you’ve noticed either.

The ad spend is a big factor.

If Instagram is your only way to post, then chances are that you’re spending a lot of time on those ads.

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook all have millions of people on the platform, and it’s a very popular way to share.

That means more eyeballs for the ads.

The more people you share, the more people get to see them.

But it doesn’t end there.

While Instagram and Instagram Stories are popular among celebrities, the company is only starting to build its own ad business.

Instagram recently introduced Stories Stories, a subscription service that allows you to post content for free on your social media accounts.

It’s also adding more social-media features, including photo filters and photo captions.

And while Snapchat is a huge success, the app has only been around for a few months.

That has left many people wanting more.

That’s where Instagram Stories comes in.

The app lets you upload a photo to a photo pool, which you can then view and vote on.

If someone votes your photo to be shared, then that person’s friends can see it too.

The system works a bit like the way Facebook has it in place, but it’s geared more toward influencers and influencers’ friends.

Instagram is a lot more than just a social media platform.

Instagram has become a hub for digital marketing.

It has become the go-to destination for influencers, advertisers, and influencer marketers.

That includes brands and influents themselves.

Instagram is where brands can find influencers to advertise with.

Brands want to reach out to influencers because they are influencers.

This makes Instagram an ideal place for brands to get in front of influencers by creating ads and getting the most out of their advertising budget.

Instagamillion is a new way to connect with influencers in the digital space, and its a way to see which brands are on Instagram Stories.

It also lets you connect with other influencers who are also on Instagram.

This is a way for brands and their influencers get in contact.

It will be interesting to see how Instagram Stories grows over time.

As Instagram continues to grow and gain more users, it will be worth looking at how it grows for brands.