BHGE digital news: Sky Digital News’ $3.6bn acquisition of Bhge has been a “huge coup”

Digital news firm Bhge Digital News has acquired the digital news site Sky Digital.

The deal was reported by The Australian Financial Review, which is based in New Zealand.

Sky Digital will be the news and content platform for Bhge’s Digital News app.

Bhge said it would continue to publish the newspaper in its digital news platform and “continue to publish news and articles on our websites”.

“It’s a huge coup for us to be part of Sky Digital,” Bhge founder and CEO Chris Wren said.

Bhge is also acquiring the New Zealand-based business The Times of India.

“The Times of Indian is an innovative, award-winning, and global business that has built a strong online presence,” Mr Wren added.BHge’s acquisition of Sky will see the digital company expand its news coverage and reach more readers across the globe.

Mr Wren, who joined Bhge in August 2017, said the new company was aiming to be the “world’s digital newspaper”.

“We’re going to take the news we believe in and expand it in new and exciting ways,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are now investing in a media company that’s building a global news organisation that’s going to help us grow in that area.”

The news service will continue to focus on digital publishing.

Bharat Kulkarni, executive editor of Bhges digital news service, said: “It’s great to see that Bhge and Sky Digital have made the decision to work together to build a global newspaper.”

We look forward to the many opportunities that will come as a result of this acquisition.