How to stay healthy on Facebook as the internet warms up

The digital revolution is changing everything, and it’s not slowing down our love affair with Facebook.

The news of a study published last week in the journal Science reveals that even as our physical bodies are becoming less efficient at storing information, our brains are becoming more capable.

This means that Facebook and other social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine can now help us stay focused and happy on our favorite places and activities.

The findings reveal a connection between brain activity and the ability to stay active, but also a new potential for cognitive enhancement.

According to the study, people who were more active on social media tended to have a lower rate of cognitive impairment and a higher ability to function better in everyday life.

This is all part of the process that scientists call the “brain-body-mind axis,” and it can help us remember what we like to do or the places we go.

So far, researchers have found that this connection between activity on social and physical platforms is especially powerful for cognitive performance.

In the study participants took a standardized test that measures the ability of the brain to perform complex tasks.

When the participants were asked to rate the quality of their performance, their brain activity was higher when they were engaged on social platforms.

However, when the participants weren’t in social groups, the results were not as pronounced.

Researchers believe that the brain’s ability to process information and think quickly and efficiently is what enables us to keep busy on a daily basis.

So while the researchers at Stanford and the University of Wisconsin say that social media is helping to keep us happy, the findings also suggest that we may be able to use these social platforms to get a little extra benefit from the benefits of physical activity.