India launches digital news service, ‘News Digital’

New Delhi: Indian news publisher Digital News is set to launch a digital news product that it said will be a part of its news strategy in the coming years.

The company’s chief digital editor Kunal Shah said on Wednesday that the news product would be an add-on to the news service’s existing digital editions, which include the Times of India, The Hindu and The Times of Asia.

Digital News, which is based in New Delhi, aims to be the third-largest online news platform in India.

Digital India, which has about 25 million daily active users and is the largest news portal in India, has a growing audience and has become the go-to source for digital content in India that has been missing from print news for decades.

The new product, which will be available in English, Hindi and Urdu, will also have a focus on local content, Shah said.

Digital news has become increasingly important to India’s digital economy as it has become a key tool for digital news publishers and news platforms like Flipkart, the country’s biggest internet search engine, and Facebook.

Digital content, which was traditionally the domain of print newspapers, has grown in importance as news publishers have sought ways to monetize digital content.

Shah said the new digital product would help the news publisher build a strong digital presence in the country and make it a global player in the news business.

“Digital news has been a core part of our strategy for the last 10 years.

Our digital content is a big part of what we do,” he said.

The news platform is planning to offer news products across multiple digital platforms and also develop digital tools for news publishers.

“We will soon launch a new product on our website called News Digital, which we are calling a digital book.

This is a news product, not just a digital edition.

It is an add on to the News Digital product, the main product of our digital strategy.

The News Digital book will be different from the news products on our main website.

This book will cover all kinds of news in India including business, business related, social and sports,” Shah said at the launch of the digital book, which he said would be available on the company’s website.

The launch of digital news comes after the launch in the US of a digital newspaper, The New York Times, that was launched in March.

Digital Times was initially launched by the Times Media Group, which owns the Times.

It aims to offer an alternative to print news that is delivered in an easy-to-use interface.

The New Yorkers Times said it aims to deliver content that is “more diverse, accessible and up-to_date.”