NBC News to debut digital news and content at 2020 White House inauguration

The NBC News brand will be debuting news and digital content during President Donald Trump’s first inauguration, NBCUniversal announced Thursday.”NBC News is thrilled to announce our partnership with White House digital content creators to deliver live, on-demand coverage of the swearing-in ceremony,” said Bob Costas, NBC News President of Digital.

“This is a great opportunity to share news and information about the inauguration with millions of our viewers.

We are looking forward to seeing what people will be talking about and sharing online.”

The news and video service will provide live coverage of live events from the inauguration through Feb. 10, 2020, and also will offer an interactive digital version of events that viewers can use to watch clips from the ceremonies.

The White House and the National Park Service will host live coverage via NBC News app, the news website and other platforms, NBCNews.com and the NBC News website.NBC News will be showcasing the event live via the NBCU app and on the NBCUniversal News channel.

NBC News will also host a live stream of the ceremony at 6 p.m.

EST on Feb. 9 on NBC News Channel, NBCU.com, NBCSports.com. 

The event will also be available via the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the president and first lady Melania Trump.