When digital news becomes news?

The term “digital news” refers to any online news source, whether it’s a blog, a newspaper, or an online video service.But it’s not limited to these outlets.In fact, in a recent paper, we explored the meaning of digital news for journalists.In particular, we asked journalists what the word “digital” meant to them and what they […]

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How to watch digital news without having to go online

How to skip the news online?Here are some tips to help you get through the news without hitting the mute button.1.Watch TV with your eyes open – Some people may not be able to get enough sleep, or may have a tendency to skip their TV sets, but the best way to get through a […]

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The biggest names to watch for at the start of the 2017 NFL season

Digital publication The Sport’s Digital Bible provides a comprehensive look at the biggest name to watch in the NFL this season.Here, we look at five players who should be considered as starters.1.Derek Carr, QB, Raiders2.Dak Prescott, QB (RB), Cowboys3.Dak Stillman, TE, Giants4.Michael Crabtree, WR, Raiders5.Michael Thomas, WR (WR), SeahawksThe top quarterback prospects in the 2017 […]

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How digital can transform Myanmar’s economy

Digital economy news: The digital economy is shaping the way businesses operate and the way consumers consume news and information.But how will digital technology affect the economy?The Myanmar Digital Economy Report explores how digital technology could change the way Myanmar businesses operate, and how digital opportunities could help make the country a digital hub.Myanmar Digital […]

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How to create a digital news portal for citizens

Digital news portal startup Ge Digital News Initiative (GDN) has released a new toolkit to help businesses and citizens connect to digital news and information from their own sources.The toolkit includes: 1.The Geo Digital News App.2.Geo Digital Editor.3.Geo Web Inspector.4.Geo Mobile Inspector.5.Geo App Builder.Geo Editor has a wide range of news sources that include the […]

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